How To Trade Assets

Register account

Rgister Account

To trade with Trading Assets Limited you need first to open a free account. It's quite easy and doesn't take much time, which you will get an opportunity to become an investor and also earn a 30% signup bonus.

Click on the "REGISTER ACCOUNT " button, fill in the registration form and press "OPEN ACCOUNT " button.
Your account is ready to use! You are obliged to provide only complete and accurate information about yourself when registering as a Member.

Login Client Dashboard

Take the advantage of our member trading area features.
To trade our Renewable Resources/Commodity plan, click on "TRADING" and select "MAKE DEPOSIT"

To make withdrawal, click on "WITHDRAW".

Select Trading Plan

To make a deposit, log into your Trading Assets Limited account dashboard using your login and password. Click on "TRADING", select "MAKE DEPOSIT" and choose the trading plan most appropriate for you, decide what amount to trade with and what term to choose.

Select the required "PAYMENT SYSYTEM". Input amount of minimal or maximal deposit that is stated in accordance with your chosen trading plan and click "SPEND".

Payment Proceeded

After your payment is confirmed by our system, your account will be accredited with your funds.
Usually blockchain transaction need only 3 confirmation.

Deposit and Withdrawal is Instant

Stable Trading/Withdrawal

Team of our experienced traders will complete all the trading process for you. Your account will be accredited according to trading package percentages details in time.

After deposit expiry your account will be accredited with profit and you will be able request for withdrawal by clicking the "WITHDRAW" page.

Fast & Easy Trading Account

  • Register Account

    You'll need to have account with us to make your trade, and you can do this by completing your registration.

  • Make Trade

    Choose your preferred trading/commodity plan and make your deposits, sit back and watch your investment grow.

  • Withdraw Earnings

    Easily request for your withdrawals and have your earnings paid to you automatically

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